Freediving in Brisbane is really taking off right now! More specifically, the high number of people investing time to train and hone their freediving skills, techniques, safety protocols and breath holding abilities. From complete beginners, novice and experienced spearos, recreational weekenders to seasoned competitors, we’re seeing them turn up to organised pool training sessions in droves.

Freedivers living in or around Brisbane are incredibly fortunate as they have access to 2 very strong clubs (the Brisbane Bullsharks and Brisbane Freedivers Club), that between them, offer access to quality and structured pool training sessions 5 days a week.

Depending on the day, you can join a group for - static sessions, group sessions tailored to your current level and goals, hook up with a buddy to do your own thing or spend some time in a 5m deep dive pool to mix it up a bit.

It’s not only the amazing pool facilities and variety of training available that make being a freediver in Brisbane so cool, it’s also the fact that you get to train alongside highly experienced freedivers, spearos and coaches in their own right, including past and present National champions that are incredibly generous with their advice and support.

If you want more information on training with either of these 2 amazing Freediving Clubs, make an enquiry at -

Brisbane Freedivers


Brisbane Bullsharks